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Welcome to BioMedes AG
Welcome to BioMedes AG
Welcome to BioMedes AG

Biomedes Companies are Producers of Active Ingredients for Feed and Pharmaceutical Applications.

BioMedes is a next generation animal & human health group of companies. We help increase health by protecting our heritage, by protecting animals in breeding farms from toxins, and by protecting humans from chronic inflammation.

FIM Industrial & Environmental Applications

Industrial & Environmental
Applications Civil and Underground

Mineral Sealing of landfills and embankments

Hydraulic barrier systems for nuclear and high level waste deep storage

Adsorbants and Deep sea cable barrier systems

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FIMBIO Feed Additives, Mycotoxin Adsorbants and Endotoxin Adsorbants

Feed Additives, Mycotoxin Adsorbants
and Endotoxin Adsorbants

Feed Additives to increase health status

Mycotoxin binders

GreenMission – from Algae harvesting to animal protein nutrition

Special additives for Aquaculture Farming

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FIMEDES Pharma,  Cosmetics & Veterinary API

Pharma & Veterinary, Pharmaceutival API Cosmetics and API/Pharma. agents

Veterinary API to defeat diarrhea and infection

Cosmetics: Clay Masks

API to defeat chronic enteritis / colitis ulcerosa

Phosphate binder to defeat chronic kidney disease Open website

Biomedes AG

Am Kupfergraben 6
D – 10117 Berlin
Fon +49 (0)30 2804 2995
Fax +49 (0)30 2045 8535
E-Mail Dr. Manfred Petsch Heinz H. Meermann Werl Handelsregister: AG Arnsberg HRB 4526